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How crazy are hotels in China?

Date: 2020-01-27

How horrible and crazy are Chinese hotels?

The "horror" referred here does not mean anything else! It's the amount of expansion, to what extent is it horrifying?

According to reports, in 2017, the market size of the country's chain-only hotels was approximately 3.2 million. However, it is still only a small part of the entire lodging industry market (about 20% according to the Report).

You might say, isn't this normal? Not too much.

Looking at the numbers, it seems that there is no concept. I also went to search the keyword "hotel" on Baidu map to see what would happen?

After I came out, I was taken aback by the dense red markings (red indicates hotels, and numbers indicate the number of hotel keywords in the area). The number of keywords including "hotel", "hotel", "homestay" and so on is not included. The picture will be more visual and intuitive, and you can feel it roughly.

In order to be more intuitive, take Hainan as an example to see how crazy and horrible Hainan's hotels are. All of them are filled with red, you can see the data on the upper left, there are 9949 companies in Sanya that have the keyword "hotel". There are more than 200 hotels in a remote small county.

In order to be more intuitive and persuasive, we locked the scope to Sanya Haitang Bay. Some netizens listed the international five-star brand luxury hotels in Haitang Bay. A once uninhabited water bay is now quickly occupied by various brand hotels, just like children occupying seats. For fear of a little hesitation, there is no place. This is a living enclosure movement.

A lot of friends here must have said it, it's rare and weird. It should be the same in foreign countries. To this end, we take the oldest brother in the West on behalf of the United States as an example. We use Google Maps (not Baidu Maps) and search for the keyword "hotel" to see how hotels in the United States look like.

Take the western Washington area as the center, and look at the arrangement of surrounding hotels.

As well as the English-speaking UK, you can also observe the hotel arrangement intuitively.

In other words, although the picture is intuitive, but there is no actual data to support it, so I also went to Google and asked "How many hotels in the United States?" The number is 54,200.

Compared with China's 3.2 million hotel rooms alone, and the country's total accommodation industry is about 450,000, it's a real witch.

The madness of domestic hotels can be imagined, so it is not difficult to understand many difficult problems we usually encounter. For example, there is a shortage of workers, there are so many people working at the grass-roots level, and hundreds of hotels in a small county are frantically robbing people.

Especially during the Spring Festival, the price of making a room in some remote areas was 50 yuan, so you often find that there is a room outsourcing sister who puts you pigeons. It is good, and I will make a room for you tomorrow. I will tell you in the evening that she is going to drink a wedding, and she will not come, let you find someone else. The next day, you found her in another hotel. The reason is that they opened a room for 60 yuan. You are helpless. A large part of the reason is that there are many hotels and forced vicious competition caused by imbalance between supply and demand.

For example, now many hotels are not making money, are losing money, and are even facing a situation of bankruptcy. In the current economic situation is not ideal, the cake is only so big, but the team that divides the cake is growing crazy. So, the results are conceivable. In order to win a place, support yourself, and be forced to cut prices, 300-500 will be able to stay in international five-star hotels. This is what you find. The numbers are very ugly.

Of course, we can't attribute all problems to this factor, but it has inextricable relationships with it. In the next five years, the hotel industry will face a major reshuffle. In the face of increasing competition, what measures will hotels take?